Anabolic Xtreme Advanced Pct 90 Capsules

Advanced PCT: World's Fastest Acting Testosterone Accelerator!
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    Advanced PCT by Anabolic Xtreme 90 Capsules

    World's Fastest Acting Testorene Accelerator!

    • Rapidly restores normal hormonal balance
    • Accelerate nautral testorene levels
    • Lower harmful estrogen levels
    • Enhance sexual performance
    • Fortified anti-oxidant protection
    • Magnify strength gains
    • Rapidly restore sex drive


    Advanced PCT: World's Fastest Acting Testosterone Accelerator!

    Post cycle therapy designed to restore the delicate hormonal balance and prevent muscle loss after any hormonal muscle building cycle.

    FACT: You hormones are completely out of balance during and after any muscle building cycle, and in many cases your body is no longer producing normal levels of its own natural testosterone potentially leading to losses in muscle and libido.

    This imbalance is actually a good thing while on cycle, as it indicates the cycle is probably working to promote muscle gain! But after the cycle, the lack of natural testosterone production is one of the biggest reasons people lose their hard earned gains and may have a difficult time promptly recovering their libido. Advanced PCT is designed for one purpose, to get your testosterone back to normal and natural production as quickly yet gently as possible.

    The common post cycle advice is to jack up natural testosterone levels by squashing estrogen production/conversion. This fails to recognize that hormone levels are in a very dynamic balance, regulated by complex mechanisms(1), and that every change in hormone status has an inverse and sometimes drastic reaction. Advanced PCT was designed by looking at the complete picture of the body’s reaction at the end of a hormonal muscle building cycle to create a product that greatly assists the body in returning to its self-regulating, delicate hormonal balance to minimize muscle loss and estrogen related side effects.

    When you take any externally supplied hormone, it will cause a positive imbalance of your body’s natural hormones while on cycle and a negative imbalance when transitioning off cycle. To understand how important and absolutely necessary PCT is to any hormonal cycle we need to briefly understand what happens in the body while on cycle. The purpose in taking any pro-hormone, steroid, or hormone is to cause protein synthesis by directly activating androgen receptors. Testosterone is the natural key to unlocking these powerful receptors, but other synthetic or naturally occurring compounds have been found to do this quite successfully, such as 3-AD. Most work by either directly converting to testosterone or are chemically very similar to testosterone in structure, which means they also participate in the body’s natural self regulation of testosterone production(2).

    Self regulation?
     Yes, the body produces various hormones (testosterone activators)(3), that cause testosterone to be secreted, while at the same time the testosterone itself stops or slows the production of these hormones(4). The end result is a perfect balance of testosterone levels. So when we introduce an external testosterone or testosterone equivalent, those activators stop producing for awhile, thus significantly reducing natural testosterone secretion(5). So in reality, when you quit your cycle, what your body immediately needs is to quickly start producing these testosterone activators more than anything because they control the release of testosterone. They are the gate keepers! But, this is only part of the equation. 

    Hormone levels want to be in a precise balance, which includes the testosterone /estrogen balance. Many pro-hormones claim that their products cannot aromatize, thus leading you to a conclusion that you do not need to worry about estrogen. However, the body wants to be in balance and when the testosterone levels skyrocket while on-cycle you must recognize that your body reacts to create balance by increasing natural estrogen production(6). Excess estrogen can interrupt the production of testosterone and cause unwanted effects in healthy males(7). Again the key is balance and your body needs some estrogen. Many commonly used post cycle products work by completely eradicating estrogen from the body. This is far from supporting the delicate balance in the body. Choose a product that will get you back to normal, safely and quickly. Choose a product that focuses on the whole picture to avoid other negative reactions. Choose Athletic Xtreme Advanced PCT.

    No cycle is complete without Advanced PCT. Following any pro-hormone cycle, your normal hormonal balance has been completely disrupted. In many cases, your body may be producing LESS testosterone, which may lead to a devastating loss of the lean muscle mass and strength acquired while "on cycle". A loss of testosterone may also result in a loss of sexual drive and maximum sexual performance.

    Advanced PCT is the world's FASTEST acting testosterone accelerator, aiding in hormonal recovery through the use of Nano-Release Technology. Lower estrogen, instantly accelerate testosterone production, enhance your mood, and revive your sex drive FASTER than ever before with Advanced PCT.

    Advanced PCT Supplement Facts

    Serving Size:  1 Capsule
    Servings per Container: 90

     Amount Per Serving% Daily Value
    Advanced PCT Matrix:
    600 mg **
    50 mg **
    Cordyceps sinensis concentrate (standarized to 95% Polysaccarides) 400 mg **
    L-Histidine HCI 100 mg **
    Grape Seed Extract (standarized to 95% Procyanidolic oligomers) 50 mg **

    * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.
    ** Percent Daily Values not established.

    OTHER INGREDIENTS: Gelatin (capsule) and Rice Flour.

     UPC: 791851111198

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