CM3 Alginate 50 Capsules

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    CM3 Alginate 50 Capsules CM3 Alginate, one of Germany s best selling weight loss supplements, is now available in the US!
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    CM3 Alginate by CM3 50 Capsules

    CM3 Alginate, one of Germanys best selling weight loss supplements, is now available in the US! from and Oz Garcia.CM3 Alginate is stimulant free and non habit forming. CM3 Alginat makes it easier to eat less and to lose weight naturally. It is suitable for long-term weight control and when combined with an appropriate low-fat and calorie reduced diet, CM3 Alginate also helps to adopt healthy eating habits. HOW CM3 Alginate

    CAPSULES WORK: The capsule dissolves in the stomach and CM3 Alginate expands into a soft, gel-like solid. This remains stable in the acid environment of the stomach for several hours and brings about a prolonged feeling of satiation as a result. The CM3 Alginate cube then travels into the small intestine, where it dissolves due to the alkaline environment present in the small intestine. CM3 Alginate makes it easier to eat less and to lose weight naturally. CM3 Alginate counteracts pangs of hunger and makes it easier to keep to special dietary measures. CM3 Alginate is suitable for longterm weight control. When combined with an appropriate low-fat and calorie reduced diet, CM3 Alginate also helps to adopt healthy eating habits.*

    FACTS ABOUT ALGINATES: CM3 Alginate is made from the brown seaweed Laminaria digitata or oarweed as it is commonly known. Alginates belong to the group of soluble dietary fibres or swelling agents. The structure thereof remains unchanged in the acid environment of the stomach, but is, however, broken down in the alkaline environment of the small intestine. Alginates have a number of positive effects on our health: they play a great part in helping our intestine to function normally: they promote the mixing of food in the small intestine as well as the contact of food with digestive enzymes. They can also bind bile acid and thus have a positive influence on fat and carbohydrate metabolism. In addition, they slow down the emptying of the stomach, and promote a continuous feeling of satiation as a result.* COMPOSITION: One CM3 Alginate capsule contains a compressed, lyophilised sodium- alginate active complex.

    ADMINISTRATION SCHEDULE: CM3 Alginate is not a complete substitute for meals, but helps to gradually reduce the amount of food eaten. Oz Garcia's CM3 Alginate is to be taken approximately half an hour before meals together with at least 1 glass of fluid. -

    The number of capsules taken varies individually: The initial dose of three capsules should be taken at the beginning. The amount of capsules taken can be reduced at a later stage according to individual requirements. Often, it only takes a few days to discover the ideal amount of capsules for your own personal needs. -

    In general, the following applies: the number of capsules can be increased or reduced individually. Not more than 15 capsules should be taken over any one whole day. Fewer capsules are normally sufficient for appetite control. CM3 Alginate

    FLUID INTAKE: All of the metabolic processes, which take place within our body, are dependent on fluid. During a diet, fluid intake is particularly important; a significant amount of calorie-reduced beverages should, therefore, be drunk each day. In addition, it is advisable to limit alcohol consumption during a diet. CM3 Alginate

    DURATION OF USE: When taking CM3 Alginate on a long-term basis, you should take a 23 days break every four weeks, after which you may again start taking CM3 Alginate according to your personal schedule. CM3 Alginate

    SIDE EFFECTS: In isolated cases, an increased feeling of fullness may occur in patients with a sensitive stomach or sensitive bowels. This, however, generally returns to normal within a short period of time. CM3 Alginate WARNINGS: Swallow capsules with a plentiful amount of fluid. Only take undamaged and whole capsules. Do not suck, chew or bite. Keep out of the reach of children. CM3 Alginate should ideally be taken in combination with a balanced low-fat and caloriereduced diet.

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