Hi-Tech Lipodrene Ephedra 2 Tablets

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Lipodrene with Ephedra Extract by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals2 Tablets - Lipodrene Original Ephedra-based Thermogenic Formula with Hoodia-driven Appetite Suppresion. Lipodrene is more than just a pharmaceutical grade extreme weight loss pill, Lipodrene is great for extra energy which will keep you going through your next workout! Lipodrene is also a safe and effective weight loss supplement designed to achieve the greatest weight loss your body is capable of. Most Lipodrene users report up to a 42% reduction in total body fat! - Lipodrene can: - Increases your metabolic rate - Control food cravings - Suppress your appetite Lipodrene, the "Yellow Hexagon," is the original Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals fat loss formula with Ephedra Extract and "Hoodia Pure" brand Hoodia Gordonii extract, the most powerful appetite suppressant available. Lipodrene's multi?faceted pathway to thermogenesis and appetite suppression makes this original formula the benchmark by which other thermogenic and energy boost products are judged. Lipodrene weight loss pills are based upon the process of stimulating "lipolysis" (the release of fat) and serves to inhibit "lipogenesis" ... the storage of fat. Lipodrene weight loss pills attaches to alpha-2 receptors (which are most abundant in the hips, thighs and buttocks), Lipodrene then draws out the fatty acids from the individual fat cell! The Lipodrene weight loss pill is a breakthrough technology for rapid, sustainable, and safe weight loss for both men and women! Try Lipodrene today to lose weight, have more energy, and feel better faster! Lipodrene is packed with 25 mg of Ephedra Extract! - Instructions Take one Lipodrene tablet an hour after breakfast and one tablet an hour after lunch. Caution U.S. Federal Trade Commission Warning: This product contains ephedra extract. Taking more than the recommended serving may result in heart attack, stroke, seizure or death. Consult a physician or other licensed qualified health care professional before taking this dietary supplement if you have heart disease, thyroid disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, recurrent headaches, glaucoma, difficulty in urinating, prostrate enlargement, seizures or depression or other psychiatric condition, or a family history of any of these conditions. -

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