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Muscletech MyoBuild Grape 348 g

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About this item
Muscletech- MyoBuild Post Workout Grape- 40 Servings (348 Grams)
Product Details

Muscletech Myobuild Postworkout Grape


Super Concentrated Post-Workout Formula

Unlike other post-workout powders on the market that are full of fluff and filler, MuscleTech MyoBuild is the first post-workout concentrated formula that delivers only scientifically studied doses of all its key ingredients. Formulated with high-quality compounds, such as Betaine, Creatine HCl, Glutamine, BCAAs and L-Carnitine, MyoBuild is designed to help you build more lean muscle, increase strength and accelerate post-workout recovery.


MyoBuild supplies a precise 2000mg dose of L-carnitine, which is shown in multiple human clinical studies to aid post-workout recovery through the improvement of muscle tissue repair and reduction of muscle tissue damage. Even more, a clinically studied dose of Rhodiola rosea has been added to MyoBuild. This is a highly active adaptogen and is shown in human research to improve physical and mental fitness.

Muscle Size & Strength

A highly potent creatine known as creatine HCl has been infused into the formula. Creatine is clinically proven to amplify gains in size and strength. MyoBuild also contains a precise, scientifically studied 2500mg dose of betaine, shown in human research to improve muscular endurance.

Decrease Cortisol Levels

MyoBuild is formulated with a specific 5300mg dose of glutamine and BCAAs in a precise ratio shown in new clinical research to increase testosterone, decrease cortisol and reduce training-induced muscle tissue damage. The post-workout powerhouse also contains Withania somnifera, a premium and potent compound scientifically shown to significantly lower serum cortisol levels.

What type of results can I expect from MyoBuild?

MyoBuild is a powerful post-workout concentrated formula designed to help you build more lean muscle, increase strength and accelerate recovery.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 scoop (8.7g)
Serving Per Container: 40
Amount Per Serving
1 Scoop
2 Scoops
Total Carbohydrate
1 g
2 g
0 g
0 g
Muscle Growth, Strength & Recovery Complex
  L-carnitine tartrate
1,466 mg
2,932 mg
   Supplying carnitine
1,000 mg
2,000 mg
  Creatine HCI
1,500 mg
3,000 mg
  Betaine anhydrous
1,250 mg
2,500 mg
Testosterone to Cortisol Ratio Complex
1,000 mg
2,000 mg
900 mg
1,800 mg
375 mg
750 mg
375 mg
750 mg
Adaptogen Complex
  Ashwagandha extract (as Withania somnifera)(roots and leaves)
125 mg
250 mg
  Rhodiola extract (as Rhodiola rosea)(root)
50 mg
100 mg
* Percent daily values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet
† Daily value not established
Additional Info
Servings N/A
Dosage No
SKU 631656703047
Weight 0.9063
Brand No
Nutrition Facts No
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