Barlean's Omega Swirl Fish Oil Key Lime 16 oz

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    About this item
    Barlean's Omega Swirl Fish Oil Key Lime 16 oz has the taste and texture of a key lime pie!
    Product Highlights
    • Create seriously delicious ways for people to get essential nutrients
    • Use only ultra-purified fish oils, free of mercury and other heavy metals
    • Share our profits to help people locally and around the world
    Product Details

    Barlean's Omega Swirl Fish Oil Key Lime 16 oz


    Barlean's Omega Swirl Fish Oil Key Lime 16 oz has the taste and texture of a key lime pie! Barlean's Omega Swirl Fish Oil now has 2,000 mgs of vital and essential Omega-3s per serving, everyone can enjoy the benefits of a super-charged dose of Omega-3 without the fishy taste and oily texture.

    • Made with Barlean's premium Fresh Catch
      Molecularly Distilled Fish Oil
    • Great tasting, all Natural Fruit Flavor
    • 5 times the Potency of Fish Oil Capsules
    • Gluten free

    Clinically Proven 9 Times More Absorbable than Standard Fish Oil
    Omega-Swirl is micronized allowing for rapid and complete digestion, intestinal absorption and maximal assimilation into the bloodstream and body.

    Australia's Biggest Health Secret Now Available Exclusively From Barlean's
    In a small coastal community in Australia there exists a peaceful and pristine family-owned and operated olive grove, planted with hand selected trees that offer maximum therapeutic activity. Barlean's Olive Leaf Complex is made from the fresh-picked olive leaves on this grove, where they are extracted on site and processed within minutes of being picked.

    Frequently Asked Questions:
    What are Essential Fatty Acids?
    Essential fatty acids are essential because the human body cannot manufacture them but needs them for many important functions. Therefore, essential fatty acids must be obtained from dietary sources.

    What are "Omega-3" and "Omega-6" fatty acids? 
    Omega-3 and omega-6 are families of essential fatty acids used to make local hormones that control the local functioning of tissues throughout the body. The omega-6 fats tend to have pro-inflammatory effects, and the omega-3s tend to have non-inflammatory effects. They need to have a balanced intake of mega-6s and omega-3s for optimal health. The essential fatty acids include the omega-6 fatty acids, (as found in most common vegetable oils and products from livestock animals raised on grain, and the omega-3 fatty acids, as found in flaxseed oil, wild ocean fish, wild game, products from livestock raised on green vegetation, and fish oil). Most people consume too much omega-6 fats and insufficient omega-3s. Therefore, they need to decrease the intake of omega-6 sources and increase the intake of omega-3 sources.

    What is flax oil and is it the same as flaxseed oil?
    Yes, flaxseed oil and flax oil are the same. The seeds of the flax plant are pressed to obtain the nutrient rich oil that they contain. Flax oil is classified as a polyunsaturated vegetable oil. Flax oil is unique in this category, because it is the richest source of omega-3 as well as containing omega-6.

    What is the recommended serving of flax oil for adults and children?
    The recommendation that is given most often by nutritionists and health care providers is 1 tablespoon of flax oil for every 100 lbs. of body weight, to be used daily. For a child the recommendation is 1 teaspoon of flax oil for every 33 lbs. of weight.

    How many capsules does it take to equal one tablespoon of the oil?
    Technically it would take 14 capsules to equal 1 tablespoon of flax oil since each tablespoon is 14 grams and each capsule is 1 gram (1 gram = 1,000 mgs). Most people choose to use the oil since it mixes easily into the daily diet, although the capsules are very convenient for traveling and for keeping in places where refrigeration is not possible.

    What are lignans and why would I want to have them in my oil?
    Many people choose the Highest Lignan Flax Oil simply because it is so rich in phytonutrients. The lignans are anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, help with digestion, and research also suggests they may be helpful in the prevention of certain types of cancer.

    What is the difference between Borage Oil and Evening Primrose Oil? 
    Both of these are sources of the beneficial omega-6 fatty acid known as GLA. Borage has been helpful for people with certain skin problems. For decades, women have been using evening primrose oil to alleviate the discomfort of PMS.

    Fresh Express
    How do I know my oil is fresh?
    Each bottle of their fresh pressed oil has two dates located on the side of the label. The first date will tell you exactly when that particular bottle of oil was pressed and the second will tell you when it should be opened in order to maintain full potency, optimal taste and freshness. You may open the bottle on the second date and still have eight weeks in which to use the oil.

    Do you ship the oil refrigerated? Does the transit time affect the oil?
    Either high heat or sustained heat over a long period of time can degrade the oil. The relatively short transit times and variable seasonal temperatures encountered during transit have been found to be insignificant when tested. Remember, when you order your oil from Barlean's, it's made to order and shipped the very next business day.

    What color should my flax oil be?
    If you have chosen to use Barleans Highest Lignan Flax Oil, expect the oil to range from a medium brown to almost licorice in color. Please be sure to shake the bottle well, since the particulate does tend to settle rapidly. Sometimes you may need to stir the lignan oil in order to get the particulate lifted from the bottom, especially if the bottle has been sitting upright, undisturbed for a long period of time. These instructions are noted on the bottle. You may want to store the bottle on its side or upside down in order to help the particulate be more easily dispersed.

    If you have chosen the clear Flax Oil, expect the color to range from bright yellow to golden amber.

    Why is there a variation in the color of the oil among different bottles? 
    At Barlean's, they do not alter their oil in any way. This results in color and taste variations throughout the year depending on the variety of seed that is used for each batch, growing conditions, seasons, etc. Barleans oil is completely natural, and although methods could be used to make sure each batch is identical, they refuse to alter or change the oil from its natural state. The variations that occur from batch to batch are a part of nature.

    Do my capsules need refrigeration?
    The capsules never need refrigeration. They may be kept on the counter or in a cupboard and will remain at full potency until the expiration date on the bottle.

    Once I open the bottle of flax oil, how long will it stay "good"?
    Barleans suggest that once opened, you keep the bottle refrigerated and plan to use it within eight weeks for full potency.

    Health Concerns & Information

    Who can benefit from taking flax oil?
    Because flax oil contains both of the essential fats needed for optimal health, virtually everyone can benefit from taking flax oil. Essential fats are directly connected with many life-sustaining biological functions. A lack of essential fats in the diet has been associated with numerous diseases and health complications.

    Will I get too much Omega 3 if I take flax oil?
    Since most people actually ingest much more omega-6 than they need each day, it is important to get enough omega-3 and cut back on extraneous omega-6 intake.

    Will EFA oils cause me to gain weight?
    Of all the poly-unsaturated fatty acids in the human diet, the omega-3 fatty acids, as found in flaxseed oil and fish oil, put the least amount of fat on the body. In fact, these fatty acids actually increase metabolism and the burning of undesirable body fat. This is the reason knowledgeable personal trainers advise using flaxseed oil and fish oil as sources of energy that will not add extra unwanted fat tissue.

    I take medications. Will Flax Oil interfere with my medicines? 
    It is important that you consult your pharmacist or health care professional concerning your medications and let them know that you are planning to use flax oil as a part of your daily diet in order to obtain the healthy fats that your body needs.

    Is flax oil safe during pregnancy?
    Please consult with your health care practitioner whenever embarking upon a new health care regime or when significantly altering or supplementing your diet, especially when pregnant.

    Fresh Catch Fish Oil
    How can I be assured of the quality of Fresh Catch Fish Oils?
    Barlean's Fresh Catch Oils are all CRN (Council for Responsible Nutrition) Monograph compliant. The CRN is a Washington based trade association that represents ingredient suppliers and manufacturers in the supplement industry. CRN members must adhere to a strong code of ethics, comply with dosage limits and manufacture to high quality standards under Good Manfacturing Practices (GMP). The CRN developed a specific monograph for Omega 3 products. The monograph set quality standards/limits of environmental contaminants.

    Barleans are also GISSI study compliant- this is an optimal dosing standard regarding potency and daily requirements.

    Barleans fish oils are ultra purified and have integrity to ensure optimal digestion and assimilation. In addition, they are physician recommended.

    Are there any common allergens in Fresh Catch Fish Oil?
    Fresh Catch Fish Oil contains no gluten, yeast, milk derivatives, artificial colors or flavors. It does contain natural vitamin E derived from refined soy.

    How is oxidation prevented in Fresh Catch Fish Oils?
    Barlean's features a freshness system called "Five Layer Oxidation Protection" that protects their fish oil from the detrimental effects of heat, peroxides, oxygen and light. The result is the freshest fish oil in the world.

    Five Layer Oxidation Protection System:

    • Fresh Catch Processing Technology ensures that oil is free from the damaging effects of heat, light and oxygen.
    • Black Opaque Bottles suppress light induced oxidation.
    • Nitrogen Flushed Bottles suppress oxygen-induced oxidation.
    • FreshLok Anti-Oxidant Protection suppresses peroxide-induced oxidation.
    • Recommended Refrigeration for Liquids suppresses heat-induced oxidation. Caramel-coated black-opaque Softgels suppress light and oxygen induced oxidation.

    What is the difference between Fish Oil and Flax Oil?
    Both fish oil and flax oil ultimately supply your body with Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs), which have been shown to have a number of important effects within the body. If you feel you are very Essential Fatty Acid depleted you may opt to take fish oil until you notice an improvement, and then convert to flax. Both oils have been shown to contribute positively to health and some people opt to take both oils, so that they complement each other.

    Additional Info
    Dosage 1 Tbsp. (15 mL)
    Servings 29
    SKU 705875600163
    Weight 1.1100
    Brand Barlean's
    Nutrition Facts
    Supplement Facts
    Serving Size: 1 Tbsp. (15 mL)
    Servings per Container: 29
    Amount Per Serving% Daily Value
    Total Fat5 g7%
       Saturated Fat1.5 g7%
       Polyunsaturated Fat2 g
       Monounsaturated Fat1 g
    Cholesterol35 mg12%
    Total Carbohydrate5 g2%
       Total Sugars0 g
         Includes 0g Added Sugars0%
       Sugar Alcohol5 g
    Omega-3 Polyunsaturated Fat:
    Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA)910 mg*
    Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA)590 mg*
    Other Omega-3 Fatty Acids370 mg*
    *Daily value not established.
    Other Ingredients: Fish oil (anchoy, sardine, and/or mackerel), water, xylitol, glycerine, gum arabic, natural flavors, citric acid, xanthan gum, guar gum, antioxidant blend (vitamin E [as d-alpha tocopherol], rosemary extract, ascorbyl palmitate, and green tea extract), guar gum, sorbic acid, turmeric.
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