Natural Path Silver Wings 250 PPM 32 fl oz (Cap Top)

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    Natural Path Silver Wings 250 PPM 32 fl oz (Cap Top)

    Additional Info
    Short Name No
    Dosage 1 tsp
    Servings 192
    SKU 613405411779
    Brand Natural Path Silver Wings
    Nutrition Facts


    Pharmaceutical Grade Water and Colloidal Silver 500PPM

    Suggested Usage

    Colloidal silver has a mild taste and can be taken diluted with water or juice. Most adults will take one half of a teaspoon of 500 PPM for immune support for a duration of 10 to 14 days.Begin with the recommended amount of one teaspoon per day. Use half the recommended amount for children (6-12) and one-fourth for ages (0-5). This Product is not intended for continuous use.The following information is for individuals who prefer to break down our colloidal silver to a lower ppm. This is a breakdown for daily use:

    Colloidal silver breakdown by ratio of 1 part silver.

    500 ppm
    1:50 ratio = 10 ppm
    1:10 ratio = 50 ppm
    1:5 ratio = 100 ppm
    1:2 ratio = 250 ppm

    This list consists of suggested uses depending on the "parts per million" of silver desired.


    Keep Colloidal Silver in a cool, dark place, never on a sunny window ledge, in the refrigerator or freezer. For long-term storage, colloidal silver should be contained in a dark, amber colored glass. There is an inherent electric charge in all plastic that causes the silver to collect on the inside of the plastic container. It should not be stored for prolonged periods of time in plastic

    Customer Reviews (1)
    Absoultely Great Product
    We use Colloidal Sliver Natural Path Silver Wings and have done so for years. As a treatment it was well known before the high cost of antibiotics were forced on us (about 1924). It is great and bacteria cannot defeat it; where over time bacteria can defeat antibiotics.

    You can safely take this product internally, DO NOT take internally if the product is less than 125 ppm.

    This is not cheap, but it is far cheaper per treatment than a visit to the doctor. Antibiotics destroy all bacteria in your body including good bacteria which means you cannot absorb important vitamins for up to 5 weeks after taking an antibiotic. No such problem with this product. NO SIDE EFFECTS.

    Cheaper Colloidal Sliver will work on external wounds, but why not use the good stuff. A little goes a long ways. A few drops on a wound 2 or 3 days in a row and the wound is well on its way to a infection free heal. Putting a few drops on a band aid to cover the wound works also. A teaspoon a day for 4 days knocks internal bacteria. Fill a nasal spay with it and a week of daily sprays to the nose and the bacteria in the nasal passage is gone.

    This product is for bacteria only! Colds are viruses, the flu is a virus, fungus's are not bacteria, neither are allergies. They require different treatments. Where you might use antibiotics you use Colloidal Silver. Cheaper, better results and no side effects and you can prescribe it safely yourself. By the way for really critical surgeries the medical field still uses Colloidal Silver to kill bacteria around the wound or surgery area. It is not patent-able so it is not profitable to Big Pharma (sigh).

    The FDA will not allow these companies to tell you how well the product works, what it is good for or how well it works. Colloidal Silver was FDA approved before Antibiotics.

    I am in no way affiliated with this company or compensated for my comments. I hold a Doctorate, but am not a medical doctor. I have been doing independent medical research for over 25 years; looking at alternatives to unsatisfactory medical advice. I am not prescribing this product, I am telling you what works for me, my family and friends. All the best
    Review by Dr John (Posted on 6/16/2019)
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