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Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals Fastin-XR Extended Release 575mg 45 Capsules

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Fastin-XR is the extended release version of Fastin. Fastin XR provides fast-acting results combined with long-lasting action making it the premier diet aid and energy product.

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    Fastin-XR Extended Release 575mg 45 Capsules

    • The King of Stimulant Weight Control Formulations Just Got Better!
    • Cranked Up Fastin with Immediate and All-Day Extended Release (XR) Technology
    • The Strongest and Most Technologically Advanced Diet Aid Ever Developed!

    Fastin XR incorporates Senegalia Berlandieri a potent member of Acacia family that provides N-methylphenethylamine, tyramine, and phenethylamine. These potent stimulants are part of the reason why Fastin XR provides clean, long-lasting effects not found in other supplement categories. Another reason is the Fastin XR capsule. Tha'ts right! This is not a tablet product. The new capsuled allows for the rapid realease of ingredients so you can feel fast effects from the product. An enterically coated second phase portion of the components provides the extended release.

    The potent Alkaloids in Fastin XR combine to form a powerful diet aid that is both fast acting and long lasting. With Fastin XR you will feel the results within minutes and continue to feel it for hours to come. Fastin XR will help you lose weight when combined with a sensible diet and a moderate activity plan that includes an exercise plan commensurate with your abilities. It doesn't matter if you start small and increase your activity over time. The benefits of physical activity are well documented. Not only will it improve your health and self-esteem, but it will also increase your lifespan and most importantly the quality of your life.

    Fastin-XR… Everyone is either using it or has heard about this remarkable feel-good nutritional product, whose ingredients have rapid stimulant effects that are a pleasure to experience.

    Fastin-XR utilizes Thermo-Rx, a unique phenylethylamine alkaloid blend from the plant Acacia rigidula, and other potent stimulants that support extreme energy, a great mood, and optimal weight control. The demand for Fastin-XR is now growing faster than for any other stimulant weight control product in the United States.

    People are ecstatic about how Fastin-XR provides unusual energy, makes them feel really good, sharpens their senses, and helps them get a grip on fat. In addition to introduction of Fastin, Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals has stepped up to create Fastin-XR, which is even more potent than Fastin.

    You can use the new found energy and appetite suppressing qualities of Fastin XR to make a real and long-lasting change in your life. Fastin was once only available with a prescription medication known as phentermine. A dangerous substance, requiring the expense of medical supervision and costly prescriptions costs. Fastin XR is available to you right now, with no prescription and at a low cost. That does not mean it is inferior or weak. Fastin XR is a superior diet aid, and the effects are potent. You will feel Fastin XR from the very first dose

    Fastin XR Reviews provide real user experience with this remarkable diet aid. Be sure to read the reviews and leave one. We would all love to hear your success story and experience with Fastin XR.


    Additional Info
    Short Name No
    Dosage 1 Capsule
    Servings 45
    SKU 853598003782
    Brand Hi-Tech
    Nutrition Facts No
    Customer Reviews (5)
    Awesome!! ❤️
    If it's too much for you break the pills open and take small doses. I'm 5"3 so a full pill is to much at once. I break them open and spread it over the day about 5-6 doses. Using them this way it totally suppresses my appetite, gives me energy and awesome mental alertness! This is the best diet pill I've ever taken besides Phentermine. This runs a very close second place. Keep in mind, I am a caffeine junky, about 4 espresso a day at least. So if you are sensitive to caffeine you need to start out very very slow. I will definitely purchase again if needed. Review by JJ (Posted on 1/6/2019)
    Energy Boost For Me
    This works very well for morning energy and afternoon PT session. I have ordered several times and am very acclimated to the ingredients in these types of supplements; definitely don’t recommend if you are new to taking them.. this may not be suited as an intro to trying them. The XR caplets work much better for me than the Fastin white tablets. However, there is no magic pill. It’s a supplement to diet and exercise. I found that it is an appetite suppressant to an an extent. But moreso realized how many times I was eating when I wasn’t even hungry, but more out of boredom or habit, whatever the reason. The eating part for many is more in the mind than you realize. I order a few times a year and will continue to do so while it’s available here. Thank you! Review by Always Be Kind (Posted on 7/22/2018)
    Awesome preformance
    Great for the extra energy to get my evening routine exercises done. Review by Devin 23 (Posted on 6/1/2018)
    Does not work
    Makes your heart pound for about 20 mins and does not help you reduce appetite. Not happy. Review by Josie (Posted on 3/21/2018)
    loved this product
    Loved this product Review by Deb (Posted on 3/17/2018)
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